Technical service

  • 01 Why do you choose HE CHAO's tire repair products?

    We are one of the global leading manufacturer of OE tire repair kit.

    1. Long history

    He Chao specializes in designing and producing inflators for more than50 years, on account of our persistence in product quality, our products havewon the great trust and support of the industry, Our products have been soldall over the world and obtained favorable comments. From 90s’, we are theofficial supplier to most important car manufacturers worldwide. We believe theproducts of He Chao is one of your most trustworthy concerns.

    2. Global leader in sealant products

    From 90s’, we successivelyestablished the long-term partnership with Dunlop Tech, Sunitomo andYokohama, which ensure us to provide the world-class tire repair products toour customers.

    3. High Quality

    We believe that ourcustomers define quality. They do this every day with the products and servicesthey purchase. Customers buy products and services based on perceived value.They measure the benefits against the costs and select the product thatprovides superior value. Therefore, we achieve the quality as customers valued.

    Our quality policyis to earn customer loyalty by providing products and services of the highestquality and greatest value. We commit and empower our employees to implementthis policy and make our customer’s total experience our best in the industry.To achieve customers valued, we make sure every piece of product reachingcustomer’s hands with zero-defect.

    Our suppliers play avery important role in helping us ensure high quality. We require our suppliersto work with us to establish and achieve objectives for quality.

    HechaoElectrical Appliances (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is one of the specialists in the manufacturer of tire repair kit. To cope with the quick market changes, wecontinue our product development and launch new products as well astechnologies every year. With the strong support by our research and developmentdepartment, we are able to offer total solution for customers and achievecustomer’s total satisfaction.

    4. Service

    wedo more than manufacturing but deliver solutions. through technology, systemsand expertise, we ensure your standards and expectations are met and exceeded.

    wework with you to comprehend the challenges that you face. we contribute viablesolutions and alternatives to your problems. we then develop prototypes, devisea manufacturing process, implement testing and control processes, and deliver -to standard, on and on budget.

    Thesolution is started with our team of 20 highly qualified engineers in our R&Ddepartment. combined with our capability to make our own tooling, we do it allfrom conceptual design to quality production to develop a new product for you.with strong team spirit and indomitable belief as added value to customers andthe creative works, we has introduced a lot of innovative products that becomethe best sllers in the past years for the international market.

  • 02 The introduction of TRK.

    Tire repair kit(TRK) is the system which include one inflator and one sealant. The sealant is injected into the tire by the air pressure that is created by the inflator. After physical and chemical reactions, the sealant fibers build up a matrix of crystals that block the hole of tire quickly and efficiently.

    By 2015, the market share of  TRK in Europe’s OEM had reached about 30%, in contrast, full spare tire was approx. 32%, small spare tires was approx. 31%, RSC was approx. 7%.
    As the development of  technology of sealant, TRK is acceptable gradually.
    It is in the starting stage for the domestic OEM market, as the regulations for  fuel consumption and weight requirements, more and more of the domestic OEM is interesting to the TRK. 

  • 03 Why you chose the tire repair kit?


    As investigate, over 50% of drivers are physically incapable of replacing a tire and only 30% drivers have ever replaced a tire. 99%drivers can easily repair a tire by using tire repair kit without anyadditional tool. It is environment friendly.


    82% lighter than carrying aspare tire with constant fuel savings.


    As an alternative way to a spare tire, the size of tire repair kit isjust 1/4 size of a spare tire, saving a significant space in the trunk.


    Resume your journey in less than 10 minutes by using therepair kit. It avoids the way to replace a spare tire or to wait for roadside service.


    No need to pay much more money for a spare tire to ensure your carsafety.

  • 04 Some questions about the TRK.

    1. Is the TRK environmentally friendly?
    Sealant have the same raw materials with tire, that means it has two advantages: a. They are incorporable. B. Sealant have passed the OECD test because they did not require "special waste“. sealant has no geographical requirements, would not hurt the skin. Base on the new GHS/CLP: sealant is approved without a specific tag by OEM .
    2. Is the TRK hurt to tire?
    Sealant is made of natural rubber, the same material of  tire without any damage.
    3. Is the TRK reliable?
    You can drive your car with the speed of 80 km/h for 1400km at least after tire repaired.  Pressure relief is less than 10% (2Psi), TPMS perform well. Operating Temperature:-30℃ to +70℃. 

  • 05 How the tire repair products work?

    1. Please remove the valve core beforeinjecting thesealant into the tire. When you inflate the tire, the air pressure push the sealanttowards the puncture.

    2. The advanced material ofsealant remains liquid in the tire. It evenly distributed through rotation.

    3. After physical and chemical reactions, the sealant fibers build up a matrix ofcrystals that block the hole quickly and efficiently.

  • 06 Usable Range

    1. According to the location and size of a leaking hole, about 90% cases can be solved by using the repair kit. The sealant can be used to seal off a hole up to 6mm (nails and screws) in tire tread, up to 4mm in tire shoulder.

    2. The repair kit can be used in a variety of environments(icy、wet 、dry、hot). Operating Temperature:-30℃ to +70℃. Our sealant has five years of lift time.